• It is the most elegant detail to close your wedding invitations.

  • We seal in various colors and designs.


  • It is the most elegant way to write the name of your guests.

  • We have various letter styles and different ink colors.

Silk lasso

  • Our silk lasso give that romantic detail to your invitations.

  • they are dyed with natural dyes and cut by hand.

  • We match them with your invitations.

Table names and Seating Plan

  • We can personalize them with the motif that you like the most, and make it match with your invitations.

  • We use the best paper as support.

Mass books

  • We offer a complete guide to follow the religious ceremony.

  • we make a personalized cover.

  • they are tied with a matching silk cord.

Menu Cards

  • We customize them to match the invitations and all the stationery.

Envelopes and Thank You Cards

  • They are ideal to surprise your guests by sitting at the table.

  • We offer a matching envelope and card with your invitations.

Signature books / Photo books

  • We have a wide variety of colors and fabrics for the covers.

  • All the binding is made by hand.

  • It is a nice memory of your great day.

Cones for rice or petals

  • Cones for rice, flowers or confetti, to match your invitations.

  • Ideal details that make the difference.

Printing on envelopes

  • It is the best option after calligraphy to write the name of your guests.

  • We also print the sender and other details.

Other services

  • We also make posters for gifts or food stalls, custom stickers, save the date, etc.